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Butter Lindner
Tel: 71 09 10, Fax: no fax | 42 branches in Berlin - telephone for your nearest.
Arguably the best butter in Berlin - you buy it loose off the block - salted or unsalted. Danish milk is a speciality, along with a range of delicatessen foods, free-range eggs ready-made salads, wine, bread and treats. A catering service is available, which is best arranged with a personal visit. Butter Lindner has 42 branches in Berlin - its stalls also appear at many of the weekly markets. It celebrates its 50th anniversary this Autumn.

Turmstraße 77, 10557 Berlin - Tiergarten | Tel: 392 60 64, Fax: no fax |
Cheese and Wurstladen. Smells good, tastes good, staff are very friendly and relaxed, and the prices are moderate to good.

Fleischerei Obitz
Ludwigkirchstraße 3, Berlin - Wilmersdorf | Tel: 881 96 71, Fax: no fax | Times: Tue-Wed 8-18, Thu-Fri 8-19, Sat 8-14.
Fleischerei Obitz, owned by Gerhard and Renate Obitz, is not just another place to buy meat. Gerhard and Renate met in the state of Hessen and decided to establish a very special shop in Berlin, which it has indeed become. About 80% of the shop's ham and sausage are prepared on site. This explains its popularity with so many customers. The Obitz shop even prepares special products for their customers upon request. Over the decades, they have developed their network of carefully selected farmers and butchers, so that Gerhard and Renate know where their products come from and how they are produced. Make sure you have a look at their small, but persuasive selection of olive oils, as well. And I have tasted their Weisswurst; it's better than in Munich!

Ludwigkirchstraße 2, Berlin - Wilmersdorf | Tel: 881 99 80, Fax: no fax | Times: Mon-Fri 7 -19, Sat 7 -15.
There is nothing special about selling fruit, one might think. Well, if that is what you think, just visit this place. Stroll through the splendid fruit and vegetable displays from all corners of the world. Have a look into the various baskets beautifully presenting all kinds of tasty fresh food. Maximilian will, if you wish, put a salad together for you and will gladly help you select the right salad for your dinner at home. The Hausers were among the first ones to establish a high quality shop here and time has justified their effort and led to success. Fruit at its best!

Fuchs und Raabe
Schloßstr 119, 10041 Berlin - Steglitz | Tel: 792 81 68, Fax: no fax | Also Reichstr. 2, 14052 Berlin - Charlottenburg.
Over 200 international varieties of cheese, including your stilton, cheddar, ricotta and really smelly goats' cheese. Staff are happy to advise on cheesy wares, and they do a catering service with individual selections. Delivery free upwards of 50. A yummy range of stuffed olives, sandwiches, salads and wine are also on offer, along with indispensible cheese paraphenalia such as fondue sets, graters and marble cheeseboards.

Kurfürstendamm 218, 10719 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 885 74 80, Fax: no fax |
A chocaholics paradise, with snazzy packaging suitable for gifts for any occasion from 'I'm sorry' to 'Thanks for putting all 5 of us up for a fortnight in your tiny apartment'. Superb champagne truffles and heart-shaped boxes.

Reformhaus (health food)

There are over 40 of the Reformhaus franchises in Berlin. Yes, they do sell muesli, but also an underrated range of organic and free-range foods and natural medicine. Vegetarians will find their soya sausages and burgers here, and the selection of teas takes some beating. Bakery, pastries, exciting spreads and patés make a rummage through your local most worthwhile.

Wilmersdorferstr. 145-6, Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 3 43 82 50, Fax: 34 38 25 66 |
If you like your fish really fresh, you can have it theatrically fished out of a tank, held out writhing for inspection , battered to death and gutted in front of you by the cheerful staff at Rogacki. Vegetarians who eat fish may change their minds after a trip here, although the octupus, gravel lachs, swordfish and lobster really make for a mind-boggling display. Eels are smoked on site and flatfish flounder around wide-eyed in bubbling tanks. Gourmet cuts of meat, herring, pickles, fresh salads and a bakery should offer something for everyone, and you can eat it there and then in a hugely popular stand-up canteen. Rogacki also offer an excellent catering service, and deliver on request.


Both of these chains have a nice selection of good everyday and specialist coffees, and will grind it fresh for you. You can grab a stand-up coffee in the shop and peruse the random but useful household wares on sale. If your high street doesn't have a branch, your local baker may sell their coffee.

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