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Boesner Warehouse Store for Arts Supplies (Großhandel für Künstlerbedarf)
Nunsdorfer Ring 2, 12277 Berlin - Marienfelde | Tel: 2 00 83 3, Fax: 72 00 83 55 | S-Bahn Buckower Chausee |
A warehouse style store, Boesner has everything any artist could ever imagine needing. It's like going to Ikea. Every imaginable sort of paint, pencil, pigment, paper, brush, frame, canvas, and crayon are to be had. You can also buy things in obscene quantities (5 liter cans of high quality oil paints, 100 meter lengths of canvas). Bring a car and fill up the trunk. The salespeople are knowledgeable and friendly. The catch is that they stick you with an extra 16% tax after you've filled your cart and busted your bank account. This is because their prices are set for the resaler, not the consumer. No matter ... at the end you still spend about two-thirds of what you will anywhere else. And, there is at least one guy there who speaks extremely good English.

Oranienstr. 173, 10969 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 6 14 38 47, Fax: no fax | U 1+U8 Kotbusser Tor | Cards: EC cards: EC | Times: Mon - Fri 8:30-13 :00, 14:00-18:00, CLOSED Wed afternoon, Sat 9:00-13:00
Run by eastern block immigrants, Kacza is the best place in town to go for straight pigments needed for painting with acrylic or oil mediums. They have a wide array of color choices all of which are of a good quality. Pigments may be purchased by the gram for picture painting or the kilo if you want to paint your whole house. Kacza is not an art supply store though. Besides pigment one can find many house painting supplies, house paints, a great selection of spray paints and loads of yummy housepainting brushes. The sales people are very helpful; their English however, is shall we say,... lacking.

Old Mole Artists and Paint Supply
(Old Mole Kunstmalbedarf)

Hardenbergerstr 9, 10623 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 313 84 56 , Fax: 313 84 56 | S+U Zoologischer Garten | Cards: none | Times: Mon 11:00-20:00, Tues-Fri 14:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-15:00
Opened exclusively to cater to low money/supply hungry art students across the street at the University of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste), Old Mole carries stretcher bars, canvas/linen (primed and unprimed), paint and pigments - everything the painter needs. Of the art stores in the area of the school Old Mole alone offers consistently high quality products at low prices. They're the lowest prices possible. The manager speaks passable English.

Philographos GmbH
Knesebeckstr. 99, 10623 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 3 13 08 93, Fax: 3 13 08 23 | U Ernst - Reuterplatz | Cards: EC, Visa | Times: Mon-Fri 9:00-20:00
One of several art and office supply stores in the area of the Technical University and University of the Arts . Open late, Philographos has everything you need in the way of tapes, glues, adhesives, pencils, pens, files, portfolios etc. - good for presentations as well as art materials. They offer a not cheap but not expensive spread of artists' materials - all the basics. Worth mentioning is their collection of sketchbooks and pads, many of which are great quality and impossible to find anywhere else in Berlin. A couple of the salespeople speak very good English.

Scharberow GmbH
Hardenbergstraße 19, 10623 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 3 12 40 01, Fax: 312 73 37 | S+U Zoologischer Garten | Cards: EC, Visa | Times: Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-14:00
Scharberow is the place to go when no one else in the area is open. They have a wide array of artists' designers' and architects' supplies. Everything is terribly expensive. They hung up on me rudely when asked to speak English.

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