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German Law regarding the sale of medicines without prescription is much more stringent than in most of the English-speaking world. Many of the over-the-counter products taken for granted in the US, for example, require a doctor´s prescription in Germany. German government cost-containment legislation is still the driving force for sales of self-medication drugs and generic medicines. Sales prospects continue to exist for pharmaceuticals affecting the central nervous system, cardio-vascular medication, analgesics, blood-building preparations, diagnostics, and infection/tumor inhibitors. In the non-prescription sector, sports and health supplements, vitamins, analgesics, laxatives and influenza preparations/inhibitors continue to be in high demand. Access to the German pharmaceutical market is subject to strict national and European Union legislation. While prescription drugs still have to undergo lengthy approval procedures, market entry for biotech or technologically advanced drugs has been eased. The application procedure is now centralized through the European Drug Agency (EMEA) based in London.

Bausch & Lomb GmbH
Brunsbuetteler Damm 173, 13581 Berlin - Spandau | Tel: 33 09 32 50, Fax: 33 09 32 70 | S-Bahn Spandau |
Global eye care company specializing in the design, development and sales of pharmaceutical, surgical, and other innovative and technologically advanced products pertaining to opthalmology. Parent company: Bausch & Lomb Co. Rockchester, NY USA.

Berlin Kosmetik
Bitterfelderstr. 12, 12681 Berlin-Marzahn | Tel: 930 85 27, Fax: 980 85 60 | S-Bahn Raoul-Wallenberg-Str. |
Cosmetics manufacturer.

Dow Deutschland Inc.
Reichstr. 92a, 14052 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 300 91 20, Fax: 30 09 12 30 | S-Bahn Olympia Stadion |
Science and technology company that provides innovative chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to many essential consumer markets. Parent company: Dow.

Goedecke AG
Salzufer 16, 10587 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 390 00 30, Fax: 391 69 34 | U2 Ernst-Reuter-Platz | Parent Company: Pfizer Inc., New York, USA
Manufacturer and distributor of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Parent company: Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Corp. Morris Plains, NJ USA.

Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH
Rigisstr. 2, 12277 Berlin - Marienfelde | Tel: 72 08 20, Fax: 72 08 22 00 | S+U Bockower Chausee |
Pharmaceutical company involved in independent research and manufacturing of various products and drugs.

Mann Chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH
Brunsbuetteler Damm 163-173, 13581 Berlin - Spandau | Tel: 33 09 30, Fax: 33 09 32 00 | S-Bahn Spandau |
Pharmaceutical company. Parent company: Bausch & Lomb Rockchester, NY USA.

Paraxel GmbH
Spandauer Damm 130, 14050 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: : 30 68 51 15, Fax: 30 68 51 13 | S-Bahn Westend |
Medical research group and pharmaceutical company.

Schering GmbH
Max-Dohrn-Str. 58, 10589 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 34 98 90 , Fax: 34 98 91 | S+U Jungfernheide |
Schering is a research-based pharmaceutical company. Schering's activities are focused on four business areas: gynaecology, diagnostics, dermatology, and therapeutics for
disabling diseases, e.g. multiple sclerosis, leukemia and solid tumours. Schering participates with a 24% stake in Aventis Crop Science, one of the world's leading companies in crop protection and crop production. With in-house R&D and supported by an excellent global network with external partners, Schering invests in innovation and is a promising product pipeline.

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