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Maps for Berlin and Germany

Links to Online Maps below.

Needing a little orientation? Well the best map of Berlin that this editor has ever used is not online! believe it or not, but in paper form from the Falk Verlag (Publishing Company). The map is used by most every new Berlin resident for the first two years and long term locals have at least one copy in their car or at home. So the tourist will blend in better with the crowds.

These little ingenious folding maps must have been designed by mathemetician oragami masters, because their system is nothing less than ideal for tourists who do not want to blatently look like tourists. Falk makes the maps for most every major city on the planet (I have a growing collection of 30 myself). They allow you top look like you are discretely reading a book, when in fact you have the entire city at your disposal, with the flexibility of jumping from any point to any other point without unfolding into the laps of your neighbors.

They provide an entire index of streets and points of interest, as well as brief historical facts on all major sites in the city. They even provide the public transport network and a list of emergency numbers. Unfortunately, these maps are rather hard to locate outside of Germany. But once you arrive in Germany, you can find them in almost every kiosk or newspaper stand in the airport and train stations. In the US you can order them from OmniMap.

Otherwise you can get some online orientation help here:

  • offers what is probably the best street map of Berlin and most any major city in Germany.Unfortunately it is only in German. But to use it simply enter "Berlin" in the field under the word Ort (meaning literally place or in this case city), and then the street address in the field under the word Straße oder Objekt/Ortsteil. You might get several listings, in which case it gets a little tricky and helps to have the postal code for that area, which you enter in the field PLZ (Postleitzahl).
  • which offers a radical and dynamic zoom-in view with 3-D perspectives. Totally cool, but also in German. Here the same translations apply: Straße = street address, Ort = City, PLZ = postal code.

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