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For historical reasons, Berlin doesn´t have one central station from which trains to all regional destinations depart. Instead, there are a number of main stations, each of which serves different lines. Most trains to major cities pass through Zoo and Ostbahnhof; some also stop at Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstrasse. Other trains (particularly those to the North & East) stop only at Lichtenberg station. Travellers can use Berlin´s S-Bahn public transport system free of charge if they have a valid DB train ticket.

But starting in 2006, Berlin finally has its first, and most spectacular (and controversial), Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), erected as Europe's largest station, designed by Gerkan, Marg and Partner, the same architect of Berlin's Tegel airport. Certainly it offers some of the most spectacular views. As you enter the gigantic, airy, hall from the front entrance you immediately have a single view of four layers of trains criss-crossing each other one on top of the next, with layers of people in between, shopping and meandering. More about Berlin's Central Station - Lehrter Bahnhof.. This is a must see!

If you are traveling by train, definitely try and take the sleek white ICE (Inter City Express). It is Germany's answer to France's TGV. If you are from a country dominated by car culture with laughably outdated, dark, cramped, stuffy, smelly, rumbling train systems (like Amtrak in the US, particularly along the Eastern seaboard) you will positively be blown away by the ICE train. Though the slower and cheaper IC (InnerCity) is also darned impressive.

And a NOTE for the power mongers!!!, seeking to rejuice your fancy, indispensible electronic travel gadgetry, the ICE and IC trains, at least most off the production lines in the last few years, have power outlets at the seats! Ask at the ticket counter or on the hotline if your train has power ("Strom für Laptops or Handys") and try to book a seat at a table in the open wagons, where chances are greater you'll find juice.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) International Page
S-Bhf Zoologischer Garten , 10623 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 0049 1805 - 99 66 33 (outside of Germany) | Tel: 11861 (within Germany) | Times: 6:00-22:00 | DB information and ticket sales are also available at all of the stations listed below.
The Deutsche Bahn, Germany´s national railway, offers a comprehensive service to German and European destinations. They provide online timetable information for travel between German or European destinations. Tickets are expensive if you pay full fare, but the DB do have a range of specials which make train travel more economical.

Special fares to watch out for in and around Berlin include:

  • Schönes Wochenende Ticket (Weekend Ticket) - €30 - On Sat or Sun, unlimited travel for up to 5 adults on any local (slow) train in Germany until 3:00am the next morning.

  • Brandenburg-Berlin Ticket - €24 online or €26 at the counter - One day unlimited travel within Berlin & Brandenburg for up to 5 adults.

    For more DB specials in English click here.

  • Rail passes

    If your visit to Berlin is only part of a larger trip, it may be cheaper to buy a rail pass than point to point tickets. For non-E.U. citizens, there are a range of passes available, depending on whether you are visiting Germany only or other countries in Europe as well. Information about the different passes and train travel in Europe can be found at . Europeans can buy an Interrail pass instead - it is cheaper to buy one in your own country, so ring your local train station for more information.

    Zoo Station
    (Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten)

    S-Bhf Zoologischer Garten , 10623 Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 0049 1805 - 99 66 33 (outside of Germany) | Tel: 11861 (within Germany) | Times: 6:00-22:00 |
    Together with Ostbahnhof, Bahnhof Zoo is the main station for trains to western Germany, and Western Europe including Frankfurt(Main), Munich, Hamburg & Amsterdam. Offers a range of after hours shopping possibilities.

    East Station

    S-Bhf Ostbahnhof , 10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain | Tel: 01805 99 66 33, Fax: no fax | Ticket sales & Information: Daily 5:30-23:00
    A MUCH cleaner and less stressful place to board main trains. When traveling check to see if the train stops here first. Usually you can board without the mob scene. Together with Zoo, Ostbahnhof services most of the major intercity lines offered by the DB. The spacious new building is filling up with shops and eateries - including supermarkets with the most liberal opening hours in Berlin - 8:00-21:00 EVERY DAY!!!

    Lichtenberg Station
    (Bahnhof Lichenberg)

    S-Bhf Lichtenberg , 10317 Berlin - Lichtenberg | Tel: 01805 99 66 33, Fax: no fax | Ticket sales & Information: Daily 6:30-22:00
    Far in the east of the city, Lichtenberg is the main station for trains to regional centres in north eastern Germany and western Poland.

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