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Music & Clubs

Tunes you in to the rhythm of the city. Click here for record stores or see this section for clubs, and live music venues.

More information on concerts and events can be found using the music and clubs calendar of TIP magazine or ZITTY Magazine. But careful, they are both in German, but actually not impossible to figure out.
The Zitty Calendar simply offers you a list of the stuff going on in the next 14 days.
The TIP calendar allows you to be more selective, but most people just want to browse, so the easiest thing to do is select Gesamter Zeitraum (total time period) from the first drop down menu. Then select zu jeder Uhrzeit (any time) from the second menu, and the from the third menu select Berlin and fire away.

If you are planning longer term you might try the events database from Berlin's official tourist company, BTM . This IS in English! But they tend to ignore most of the smaller venues where cooler stuff is usually going on.

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