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Main Banks

Berliner Bank
Hardenbergstr. 32, Berlin - Charlottenburg | Tel: 31090, Fax: | Times: Mon, Weds, Fri 8:30-15, Tues, Thurs 8:30-18:30
The head office has an international counter to deal with all enquiries. The staff are also very friendly and helpful on the telephone and can advise you on a local branch.

Students up to the age of 28 are entitled to free banking. Otherwise there is a quarterly fee of 27.

Wittenbergplatz 1, 10789 Berlin - Schöneberg | Tel: 212 98960, Fax: |
The American Citibank has many European offices and can offer services for Americans that other banks may not extend immediately, such as overdraft facilities and transferring money from your Citibank US account to your German Citibank account.

If you are permanently over 5,000 in credit, you can bank and have a visa card for free. Below that, it will set you back 12 a month - provided you use the phone and/or computer for your transactions, which cost 1 each after the first 10 which are free.

Potsdamerstr. 125, 10783 Berlin - Schöneberg | Times: 9:00-16:00, some branches until 20:00
The main branch of the Commerzbank (listed above) has an international counter which handles all accounts for foreigners and where all staff speak English. It is possible to set up an account with them before coming to Berlin, but they need a faxed copy of your passport, your police registration form and a letter from your employer. The staff are friendly on the telephone, and can put you through to an English speaker.

Dresdner Bank
Pariser Platz 6, 10877 Berlin - Mitte | Tel: 315 30, Fax: | Times: 8:30-16 - depends on branch.
The head office are helpful, and will either advise you on a local Berlin branch, or refer you to their international counter, which is in Uhlandstr 9 in Charlottenburg.
Internet banking also offered.

A monthly charge of 12 covers all transactions.

Bundesallee 171, 10889 Berlin - Wilmersdorf | Tel: 869 801, Fax: |
Staff at the head office are friendly and can advise you on a local branch to open an account. Online banking is also available.

10 per month will cover up to 24 transactions, additional ones will cost 80 pfennigs, or you can opt for a flat rate of 15 for over 25 transactions.

Berliner Volksbank
Schellingstr. 1, 10892 Berlin - Tiergarten | Tel: 30630, Fax: |
Online banking is also offered with ServiceDirekt.

A current account costs 7,50 per month all-in, with a second card thrown in for free for a partner's use. Your salary has to be paid in regularly however.

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