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Private employment agencies concentrate mostly on placing applicants with specific qualifications in generally high-end positions; engineers, consultants, managers and the like. For other job-seekers, the government Central Office for Job Placement may be the best bet. Its services are free of charge to EU citizens, who are its main clients, but some positions in Germany open to non-EU citizens are also offered.

Grimmstr. 27, 10967 Berlin - Kreuzberg | Tel: 695 96 60, Fax: 69 59 66 12 |
Designerdock are a personal recruitment company for the design and advertising industries with offices in Berlin and Hamburg and soon Düsseldorf. Most of the positions they fill are for print and screen designers, copywriters and project managers, but they have also placed art-workers (quark, photoshop etc. professionals), programmers, agency traffic managers, and almost every other position you regularly find in good agencies. Both freelance and permanent. Check out their website for details of how to get into their system. Feel free to contact them in English - one of their managers is Australian, so he can sort of speak English if he really tries hard...

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