Work Permits
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Who is allowed to work in Germany?

As an EU citizen you have the right to seek employment in Germany without a work permit. It's as easy as registering with the appropriate authorities, getting an income tax card (Lohnsteuerkarte) and finding a job .

In addition to the above, non EU citizens seeking employment in Germany must apply to the Labour Office (Arbeitsamt ) for a work permit (Arbeitserlaubnis).

Unless you have special rights to a work permit (eg: as a student or being married to an EU citizen) there are three prerequisites to the granting of a work permit:

  • the applicant is in possession of a valid residence permit;
  • the application is supported by a letter of intent from a prospective employer;
  • the employment of the applicant will not adversely affect the position of German or EU citizens in the labour market.

    Another way to get a work permit is to enroll at University. Students are generally allowed to work up to 20hrs a week during semester and full time in the holidays.

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