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22 Aug 2000
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22 Aug 2000

Press Release (deutsche Fassung)

Berlin Information Group launches

International City Guide

Berlin, August 22, 2000

Berlin in 4 Clicks

A business associate from Melbourne needed to get to Flughafen Tegel Airport by 6:00am yesterday morning. She was in the offices and she said - "let's put this site of yours to the test - if it's any good I should be able to get the information I need within 4 clicks."

So we put to the test:
1. On the home page - enter "public transport" into the search engine; click
2. From the results listing click on entry #1 - "by public transport"
3. From our public transport page - take the link to the VBB's English language information service;
4. enter the details of the route you want to take - click; and

Hear the good news that you have to be on an U-Bahn at Frankfurter Tor at 5:29am...

A simple achievement & and perhaps one for which we don't deserve too much patting on the back - but just for fun lets try and do the same job with Berlin's "biggest" information service.

These guys say they offer comprehensive Berlin info in English and German - but how easy is it to find what you're looking for?
Well, taking the same route which delivered a result in 4 clicks on - and 15 clicks later I´m still looking at bad translations of white papers on public transport infrastructure...
Not a useful piece of information in sight!

Berlin Information Group launches - International City Guide

The Berlin-based Internet start-up company Berlin Information Group (BIG) has launched It is the first English-language web platform for Germany's capital, providing comprehensive, well-researched and reliable information gathered by a network of international local experts. focuses on the international perspective. It serves the millions of annual visitors and residents from around the world: tourists, diplomats, professionals, companies, students, journalists, and many more. offers fast and accurate access to Berlin's international services: from visiting to setting up business in Berlin, from English-speaking lawyers to the most authentic Thai food and the most enjoyable theatres, from international cultural highlights to sending your kids to the right international schools.

Original English Language: reaching Millions

There are many German language sites about Berlin, only offers information and services in the English language by a network of some 35 native-speakers from around the world. Berlin sees 1 million English-speaking visitors annually. In the first half of 2000 alone 20% of Berlin visitors, some 415,000 came from abroad. That is 25% more than in 1999. And some 150,000 English-speakers from over 50 countries call Berlin their home
According to the British Council there are an estimated 1 billion people worldwide speaking English as a first, second or foreign language. 172 Million Online-users are native English speakers (, 8/00). English is the main language of international business, media, sport and travel.

Business Forum: Direct Access to mobile Consumers

80% of users are from outside Germany. With its specialised target market, the international Berlin visitors and residents, becomes the first direct marketing platform for Berlin's tourist industry (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, professional services, etc.) and for the vast array of companies, businesses and organisations in and beyond the city, giving them direct access to Berlin's vast and growing international audience. offers a unique and affordable integrated program for businesses to present their products and services to a highly targeted audience.

Speed and Quality

Jackson Bond, company executive and co-founder of BIG, explained that "Statistics show the main cause of losing users is slow and confusing navigation. At speed and simplicity are top priority, we bring users to the information they need fast and accurately with an innovative navigation system coupled with a fast and precise site-search engine."

BIG plans to expand the product to include mobile services and an innovative location-based personal tour guide by the end of 2000. BIG is financed by business angels.

For more information please contact Berlin Information Group at

Jackson Bond
BIG - Berlin Information Group
Greifenhagenerstr. 4
10115 Berlin
Tel:+49 - 30 - 282 48 83
Fax:+49 - 30 - 28 09 69 95

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