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18 Oct 2000

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - is the first English-language web platform for Germany's
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Berlin, 18 October 2000

"Amtsprache ist Deutsch!" | "Für äuslandisches interessieren wir uns überhaupt nicht" - This year, Berlin, city officials who we are sure would prefer not to be named.

Because not everyone speaks the "Amtsprache" and because we are committed to "ausländisches," has launched the first in a series of downloadable images designed to help English speakers in their struggles with Berlin bureaucracy.

"Anmeldung in English" - a guide to resident registration, is's response to a demonstrated need in the international community for assistance managing the "Amtssprache ist Deutsch" policy of public offices.

This service will be launched on 22 October 2000 as part of's exhibit at the BIWC International Fest. (12:00 - 19:00, Hangar II, Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin). View it there or sample the service online from:

Other new services on include:

Our weekly guide to English language films is unique in Berlin. Now easier to use and more informative than ever, the guide provides links from brief descriptions/reviews of the films showing to listings of where and when that film is showing: - and

Berlin weather update every hour 24 hours a day:

For more information please drop in to see us at the Fest on 22 October or contact Berlin Information Group at (Further information about the Fest at:

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